My name is Ruben Swint and welcome to my website.
I am known as the Generosity Guy because I help religious congregations and charities raise money to help, heal and save people.

My Gift To You

I invite you to sign up for my free e-zine, The Generosity Letter. You may forward the e-zine to others. The Generosity Letter is one of the best ways to share the gospel of good giving.



I bring experience, skill, passion, creativity, and humor to:

Increase the annual giving of your congregation or charity.

Raise large sums of money to build, renovate or repair your buildings.

Develop estate stewardship that will secure your future mission.

Coach ministers and executive directors in sharing the gospel of good giving.


How do I raise money and help people enjoy the process?
Here’s what I will do for your congregation or nonprofit.

  • I will focus fundraising on your mission, identity and values.
  • I will write a case that reveals a clear path to your future.
  • I will challenge your giving leaders with grace and opportunity.
  • I will highlight the abundance that God is providing.
  • I will develop confidence in the generosity campaign team.

And, I will do whatever else is necessary to deliver a successful giving experience.


I have worked with excellent ministers and lay leaders in various generosity initiatives.

Below is a sampling of what clients say about me....

  • “Under Ruben Swint’s guidance we exceeded our campaign goal and have experienced increased giving to our regular budget. We became better stewards in the most demanding of economic times thanks to the principles of generosity that Ruben shared with us.”
    FBC, Commerce, GA
  • “Ruben coaches with a pastor’s heart and a CEO’s sense of business. We maximized giving because he recognizes that a campaign is not about the money, but the mission God calls us to live.”
    Main Street Christian Church, Winchester, IN
  • “As a church administrator for over 28 years I cannot give a higher recommendation to a church or someone in our profession and calling than Ruben Swint”
    FBC, Greenville, SC
  • “Ruben, your leadership in our capital campaign was phenomenal! There is, indeed, no way we could have done it without you.”
    Mountain Brook BC, Birmingham, AL
  • “Many in our church said that this was our best campaign of the four that we have had especially in the spirit it was presented.”
    Smoke Rise Baptist Church, Stone Mountain, GA
  • “Ruben led us in a campaign that exceeded our expectations, both in the amount of money raised and in the spiritual boost the campaign gave our congregation.”
    Parkway BC, Duluth, GA
  • “If your goal is simply to raise money, I suggest you look elsewhere. If you are seeking spiritual renewal in your church, I suggest that you call Ruben Swint.”
    FBC, Greenwood, SC
  • “Ruben designed a campaign that fit the unique personality of our church and the unique goals that we were working to achieve. I recommend Ruben to any church that wants a servant as well as a strategy.”
    Berea FBC, Greenville, SC
  • “Ruben helps churches get excellent results without manipulation or showmanship. His winsome approach perfectly suited our culture that wanted to be challenged without being ‘sold’.”
    FBC Winston-Salem, NC


When you are ready for a conversation, either a brief chat or a formal presentation, call me or email me.

If you have a question, any question, just ask me. I would love to help.

Call: 404-314-7273 or Email: ruben@generosityguy.com